Licensed To Kill

I encountered this little weapon of a boat, the K650, at the Newport show, hunkered down on a trailer. A sport boat I guess i s what you'd call it, though what it looks like is a miniaturized Volvo Open 70. Which makes sense, since its designer, Juan Kouyoumdjian (a.k.a. Johnny Unpronounceable), has a portfolio filled with top Volvo boats, America's Cup boats, you name it. Brendan Kavanaugh, North American rep for the builder, Yum Boats, told me the K650's top speed under sail so far is 21 knots, but they think it'll go 25.

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Storm Porn

Don't you love it???

Not the storms themselves, of course.  I'm talking about the images, the luscious satellite photography that lets us view glorious atmospheric blemishes like hurricanes from the ultimate POV.

The most attractive North Atlantic storm of 2009 (so far), IMHO, was Hurricane Bill, seen here on August 18 far from land just one day before before he maximized to Category 4 status.  Subsequently he brushed past the Eastern seaboard before degenerating into a warm wet blob that moseyed on east to molest northern Europe for a bit.

Thankfully, at least as far as us sailors are concerned, the North Atlantic hurricane season has been a dud this year (knock on wood). Seems like the first in a long time.

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