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DEFINITION:  wave train (noun)--a succession of waves arising from the same source, having the same characteristics and propagating along the same path

WARNING: This WaveTrain emanates from the brain of Charles J. Doane. It is A Blog About Cruising Sailboats and Other Aquatic Miracles.

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Charles J. Doane
Charlie has worked as a boating journalist since 1986, including stints on staff at SAIL, Cruising World, and Offshore.  Currently he is cruising editor for SAIL.  His freelance work has appeared in Ocean Navigator, Blue Water Sailing, the New York Times, Sailing, Yachting Monthly, Yachting World, Good Old Boat, and other seemingly reputable publications.

Exposed to boats at an early age during summers spent on the Maine coast, Charlie escaped from a brief period of servitude at a Boston law firm and started roaming the planet's oceans in sailboats in 1991.  To date he has logged over 55,000 miles offshore, including six transatlantic passages.  In addition to several lesser craft, he has owned and maintained three different cruising sailboats: Crazy Horse, a Pearson Alberg 35 yawl; Sophie, a Golden Hind 31; and Lunacy, a Tanton 39 cutter.

Stifled by magazine editors and publishers for much of his career, Charlie now seeks to pollute the Internet with his unfiltered musings on cruising sailboats, the sport of sailing in general, and the very watery planet we live upon, which for some weird reason everyone calls Earth.

He invites you to come along for the ride.



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Readers are heartily encouraged to comment on what they read here. Charlie sincerely hopes his highly intelligent, literate readership will use WaveTrain as a forum for thoughtful, provocative, and informative discourse on the subject of sailboats and cruising under sail, as this will save him from having to do all the thinking, provoking, and discoursing himself.

Readers are encouraged to comment under their own actual names, as we believe this fosters responsible discourse. Anonymous comments will not be deleted gratuitously, but they will be deleted if their tone and content is irresponsible and inappropriate.


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WaveTrain has just been redesigned (as of June 19, 2014) and you are now looking at Version 2.0. Unfortunately, all comments made on Version 1.0 were lost in translation. We'll try our darndest to keep this from happening again moving forward. So please! Comment away.


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