OLYMPIC SAILING: Does Adams Have The Remedy?

Olympic sailing

THIS ISN'T BREAKING NEWS, I know, but it bears repeating: the U.S. Olympic sailing team were super-big losers at the London games this month. Not one single medal. First time this has happened since the Berlin games in 1936. (Little known historical theory: some believe it was the poor performance of U.S. sailors in '36 that inspired Adolf Hitler to attempt to conquer Europe. Just to give you an idea of how serious this is.) What is breaking news is that Josh Adams, publisher of SAIL, has been anointed as the man to set the team straight again.

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STORM PORN: Casco Bay Thunder Squall

Thunder squall

Clare and I finished bringing Lunacy back to Portland this weekend and spent the last night of our mini-cruise on a mooring at Cliff Island in Casco Bay on Friday night. Soon after we settled in a massive thunderstorm started zooming in from the southwest. The photo up top depicts its initial approach.

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MAINE COAST CRUISE: Brimstone Island

Brimstone Island

ALTHOUGH THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SPOTS on the coast, I haven't been here in almost 10 years. All that time I have been dreaming of coming back. On the chart it doesn't look like anything special--just another tiny uninhabited islet in the small archipelago that stretches around the southern end of Vinalhaven Island on the outer edge of Penobscot Bay. The instant you get ashore, however, you realize you've arrived someplace very special.

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CXL 160

HERE'S YET ANOTHER CONCEPT YACHT that may or may not exist someday. The Ultraluxum CXL 160, according to its creator, watchmaker Jean-Francois Ruchonnet, will be the "most extreme fusion of architecture, design, comfort, performance, economy and technology ever created in in a luxury sailing yacht." Which may be debatable. If this monster ever gets built, it will however most certainly be the first ever superyacht trimaran with folding amas.

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CUSTOM POCKET CRUISER: 30 Years in the Making

Paris 32 Petrel

AFTER I FINISHED UP my solo mini-cruise last week, I paid a visit to the Lyman Morse yard at Thomaston, Maine, and at long last laid eyes on Petrel afloat. She's the brainchild of designer Jay Paris, a colleague at SAIL, who has been fiddling over her creation for almost three decades now. I first met her in utero, in a shed behind Jay's house in West Bath, about 12 years ago, and I have to confess I never thought I'd see this day.

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LOW SPEED CHASE: Farallones Race Inquiry Published

Low Speed Chase

THE INDEPENDENT PANEL APPOINTED BY U.S. SAILING to study this year's Farallones Race tragedy, in which five crew died after the Sydney 38 Low Speed Chase was capsized and driven aground by breaking waves while rounding the Farallon Islands off San Francisco, has released its final report. I urge you to spend some time examining it. The panel has done a very competent and thorough job and are to be commended for their efforts.

That said, I'm not sure I agree with their most important recommendation, or lack thereof. Having concluded, quite reasonably, that the cause of the accident was the crew's failure to stay in deep enough water while rounding Southeast Farallon Island, the panel reasons in a rather cursory manner that a recommendation that the race committee set a course in deep water is not appropriate.

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CAPSIZED CATAMARAN: How Exactly Did This Happen?

MAYBE MY SAILfeed COLLEAGUE Pat Schulte of Bumfuzzle, who is in the midst of comparing cats and monohulls, can help us out with this one. The viddy comes courtesy of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, which reported last week that a volunteer crew from the Mallaig Lifeboat Station in Scotland rescued seven survivors off the bottom of a 52-foot catamaran that became "completely inverted" due to "adverse weather conditions" off the Isle of Skye.

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