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HOLD FAST: Best Sailing Movie Ever?


My last post about All is Lost, perhaps the worst sailing movie ever made, has garnered so much attention, I thought I better point to what I consider to be a most excellent sailing movie. True, Hold Fast, a documentary released in 2007, is not fiction, but it could be. It tells the story of a skinny white guy with dreads named Mike (aka Moxie Marlinspike) who cruises from Florida to the Dominican Republic with an all-girl crew of post-punk anarchists in a decrepit Pearson 30.

The crew of Pestilence seems to view cruising under sail almost as a political act. By reclaiming an ugly hulk of a fiberglass boat and rebuilding it with scavenged materials (they step the mast with the dinghy davit of an untended superyacht), then sailing away in it despite its manifest unseaworthiness, they are making a statement against our disposable consumer culture. What they teach us is that only by stepping outside this culture can we truly experience life.

They aspire to be "sailing maniacs," and they succeed: "The maniacs are the ones who have accepted their insignificance to the vast expanses of unrelenting ocean and yet still sail on quixotically, because they are in love with the direct, unmediated experience they find out there."

Pearson 30 hulk

The good ship Pestilence before her guerilla refit

All girl crew

The all-girl crew: Kirsten, Allie, and Lisa

Heading ashore

Heading ashore for fresh water


Moxie hunts for food

Direct deposit

Making a direct deposit


Reefing down


Dancing with a water spout

One of the best things about it is you can watch it for free online. Running length is a bit over an hour, but it's time well spent:



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